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NVelocity Parse


A little thing that drove me completely insane when using parse (appache ref) the path to the view includes the folder that you are in say you are in the folder …/views/Blogediting a view called one.vmif you want to parse something in the same folder as one.vm you have to use #parse(“Blog/two.vm”)and if you happen […]

I always forget these two: $Url.Link(‘label’, “%{controller=’controllerName’,action=’actionName’}”) and this: To Create a form $Form.FormTag(“%{id= ‘formId’, action=’save’, immediate = ‘true’}”)$Form.EndFormTag I really wished there was a MR RC4 😀

Saw this on ajaxian and i think is really handy and at some (not too far in time i ll need this) basically to add some transparency you just add a few files to your sever and a line of css and thats it.Will tell when the time to use this comes 🙂

Yesterday I was coding and I needed to create a criteria like ….Repository.FinOne(Restriccions.Eq(“Email”, email));… however I wanted to make sure that there was not prblems with caseingit turns out IgnoreCase exists and can be used this way 😀 Repository.FinOne(Restriccions.Eq(“Email”, email).IgnoreCase()); I was really happy to find this, thanks NHibernate in Action!

Speed is all


PDF Readers I m thinking about a serious of “meaty” post for this weeked or at least the one decent one, but meanwhile I though I should post about the incredible diference in speed between Adobe Reader and Foxit. A friend of mine (one of the two suscribers to this blog) told me about foxit […]