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Today I’m trying out Ext GWT To use Ext GWT Installation was simple ( i needed the java sdk i got 1.6Update 7 ) downloaded GWT1.5.1 and decompressed it. happy days! then i ran the sample hello and I was running, really fast [if you have problems with some error that ends with and then […]

This idea has been in my head for a while now, I’m sure all developers get here at some point where you want to move forward but not terribly sure how to get there, how to get better, how to write elegant maintainable code that you are proud of.For me it all started when I […]



hiThis post is basically a rant, a rant about SSIS, whoever designed this UI please take a good look at your career and either retire or consider a career change. I think the idea behind this service is great; we all need data migration tools; but why make people suffer?Some examples of why this tool […]

Hi. at some point we all need a click time picker, found this one (in ajaxian) Also in Ajaxian, I found a PNG fix I used the sample and it works, however I can’t make it work on my server, it doesnt even hit the *.htc file.The instructions say that you should give the path […]