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A quick one  Say you have an image or god knows what and  you need to add a link to it, in html you ll do something like <a href=””&gt; <img src=”…” /> </a> in a view you can do this <a href=$UrlHelper.For(“%{ controller=’product’}”)>     <img src=”$!Image.Path” alt=”$!Name” /> </a> Advertisements

It looks like Ruby Ireland is getting a bit more attention from people, and that is great to see I had my own reservations about if I should continue going to these meet ups because basically I haven’t been doing much Ruby in the last months, but I do love to hear about it and […]

Since my last post I ve been trying to avoid writting about trivial small things however meaty post take time and I just dont have it right now. Questions in my head now – when do you create a service? – where can I find an example of a well designed GWT app? Events that […]