Ruby Ireland Meetup – 9th of December 7.30 Fitzwilliams Place


It looks like Ruby Ireland is getting a bit more attention from people, and that is great to see
I had my own reservations about if I should continue going to these meet ups because basically I haven’t been doing much Ruby in the last months, but I do love to hear about it and it does give me ideas about how to work on my own code. I see people solving problems in a completely different way to what I would do and I think that has value and I hope they don’t mind me showing up there.
Also ,there is a common ground in software development and web development in particular. This is why we are gonna start a podcast on software development and I hope it will work out
and by work out I mean that it makes us learn more about how we develop software and hopefully get some feedback from the community, no matter were they are.

Declan McGrath came up with the idea in a thread in ruby groups, we met up and came up with some ideas for topics:


  • in general about hosting an Ruby on rails application,
  • how do mongrels work and what do they actually do,

General Software development Topics

  • What is Inversion of Control Dependency Injection and why do you use it
  • Improving your tests . Test Driven Development

Tools / frameworks

  • What Tools are you using for software development productivity
  • The Linux distro Declan is using for recording/editing the sessions
  • Funnily enough I would probably mention castle

After, we got some interest from Justin McCarthy (haven’t met him yet) but its great to see more involvement.
These are initial thoughts would welcome any suggestions , corrections later on, etc


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