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I found this post on how to verify google webmaster tools. Basically you just create a new page with the name of the html that google requires, if you choose the option to upload a new page.  Cheers Advertisements

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Hi  I was reading hanselman’s blog today about languages, not programing languages, but spoken languages like english, spanish, french, chinese, etc. The post kinda discusses , “if you dont speak englsih , you are not a programmer“,  I think the post is worth the read and I have two comments about it. As native spanish […]

Yesterday we had a really nice Ruby Ireland meet up some links – Rest link   – RateMyArea talk  – google Geo Location API via Darragh link    Follow up on the website and other projects soon The idea is that the next meet up (would that be teh 13th of January) is a meetup […]



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