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Through Andy Hunt’s Blog ( one of the Authors of The Pragmatic Programer)  I got the Pocket Ubuntu guide for free. Thanks Andy and thanks to Keir Thomas for making this available in the  I just went through the first chapter and found out about Wubi ( possibly something I will try now  as […]

Two New tools


In web development, you come across tools all the time, some are incredible and I was lucky enough to find two today. Firescope is a firebug plugin that gives you HTML and css help. its really neat it looks like this in your firebug (note to my friend: note the lower case logo!! hehehe)   […]

I found myself making the mistake I read about a lot of times.  It turns out we have to migrate parts of an existing solution to a different platform and I had all this questions about how to organize the new solution and I realised, hold on, I must first have a deep dive into […]

Hi there:  As a new chapter of this post finally we are doing an meet up, I can t wait and hope for the best.  The meet up will be the 12Th of February at 7pm in The Duke (off Grafton Street). Unfortunately we didn’t realise it was on the same day that twestival ( […]

Hi This should be pretty exciting, I m hoping to do a talk in OSSBarcamp ( well not really a talk but  you know) and depending on votes, I might be talking in DDD Ireland too, we will see. The talk will be on Castle Project, a walk through of a sample application, the main […] Ireland


hi We met with some folks in the open coffee recently. It was really nice to have a good turn out and a lot of new faces. I had in mind to talk about Alt.Net and I think one thing that is clear now is that we need to come up with a clear to do, […]

Ruby Jobs live!


Hi all just though I’ d advertise the fact that is live. I m really happy with this, Its great to see the community releasing things. Ok its very basic but I think is a really good start. Most of the effort came from Gavin Joyce, but Declan and other people (that I cant […]