We met with some folks in the open coffee recently. It was really nice to have a good turn out and a lot of new faces. I had in mind to talk about Alt.Net and I think one thing that is clear now is that we need to come up with a clear to do, how are we gonna work? where? that kind of thing. Its also important to have an easy way to explain this easily.

I think  it’s about learning from your peers, having a space where , if you have a problem you can bounce ideas or ask if your solution is good. Someone is bound to have gone through a similar situation.

There were some discussions, and my view on this is, we should focus on the best solutions, and what are the best processes to get there  and why. 

Open Coffee was great, I was really sorry I had to leave so early… looking forward to the next one. 🙂


2 Responses to “ Ireland”

  1. 1 Dinh

    Seen that under your post:

    >> Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)
    >> How Did Angelina and Britney Lose Weight? NFL Linebacker Knows

    Andrea, this is plain weird!

  2. 2 roundcrisis

    Yes, I dont know how that can be related, funny thou 🙂

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