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Had a DetachedCriteria, very simple,  I check it running with  profiler side by side  and I see loads of queries running. Why? The criteria was something like this  var criteria = DetachedCriteria.For<MyEntity>() .SetCacheable(true) .SetCacheRegion(CacheRegions.RarelyChanges) .SetFetchMode(“Things”, FetchMode.Eager) .AddOrder(Order.Asc(“Name”)); I was trying to cache a criteria for MyEntity and have an eager fetch mode for  Things ( a […]

Hi all: I m really glad this is happening, there is going to be a series of meet ups to learn how to do technical talks specially for woman in technology. The meet ups are going to be about an hour and a half long on how to do technical talks. This is something organized with […]

Now Updated to add Rhino Commons

I saw some incoming links from and I though I would clarify I m not a wine connoisseur  (I ll keep trying tho :D) however, the word does remind me about WINE, the translation layer that allows windows applications to be run on Linux.   Please note WINE stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator, hence not paying […]

So today i was reading an article by Ben Hall on Getting Started With IronRuby And RSpec, Part 1 after I read a few paragraphs I twitted that there were “ many things in this article that I disagreed with” Ben listened and … asked me why. I actually disagreed about some sentences that talk about […]