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Hi. As you might know I m talking at Developer Developer Developer Belfast ( I refuse to call it DDD, in my head that is Domain Driven Design and I want to keep it that way) There are plenty of really interesting talks ,I m looking forward to either Creating extendable applications using MEF or DDD, SOA, Messaging, […]

Hi there: I have just uploaded my presentation about castle Monorail, you can find it here. The sample code for the presentation will be uploaded soon into some code repository, its a bit too late and I rather go to sleep now.  🙂 Corrections and feedback are always welcome. 😀 By the way, there was […]

Hi there just a friendly reminder about OssBarcamp Its tomorrow from 9.30am to 4.30pm there is a map to the location here (really close to Whelans) It should be great fun. Looking forward to see Jaime’s talk on Git and other talks look really interesting too (jQuery, webdev tricks, etc).  I hope some people will show up […]

Hi.  This is my post for Ada Lovelace Day.  Barbara Liskov (born Barbara Jane Huberman in 1939) is the creator of the Liskov Substitution Principle, this is how I got to know about her work, also She was the first woman to get a PhD in computing in the United States (1968) [so close in time […]

  This post goes againt my idea of restricting the blog to purely technical matters. In this case is well worht it because our freedom on the net is threatened. What Happened IRMA (a consorium of record labels) sued Eircom and then Eircom settled the case out of cout to (amongs other thing sI m not […]

Hi there I received an email yesterday confirming I will be presenting “An Introduction to Monorail” in Developer Develop Belfast the 4th of April. I m really excited with this.  I just would like to say Thanks to you. And by you i mean people who are reading this 🙂 because possibly you voted for my […]