Monorail Presentation


Hi there:

I have just uploaded my presentation about castle Monorail, you can find it here.

The sample code for the presentation will be uploaded soon into some code repository, its a bit too late and I rather go to sleep now.  🙂

Corrections and feedback are always welcome. 😀

By the way, there was a little bit of a reschedule and my talk is at 13:30. 

Hope it all goes well tomorrow. Looking forward to it.



2 Responses to “Monorail Presentation”

  1. Hi – looks superb.
    A little thigny – on page 13 you seam to have a little typo – ‘ealy’ might have been ‘early’

    Also, if you’d like to get some more pre-made monorail related slides you can take a peek at (and freely copy from):

    I also likes the demo app you’re showing, as it’s has much better real-life feeling than my lame demo. The major complaint I had when doing my MR presentations in the past was about the not-real-enough demos, so one more kudos to you.
    good luck with tomorrow,

  2. 2 roundcrisis

    Hi Ken
    Thanks so much for your feedback.
    I ll have a look at your link later on.


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