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My dad asked me to help him do a website, so I started looking at the options, I definitely do not want to maintain this at all I thought. He said: I just want an info page.  And I though about Ana Nelson and her recent talk in Ruby Ireland about how to regenerate documentation[update: […]

Hi all: During the previous two weeks I ve been presenting “An Introduction to Monorail” in Belfast for the  Developer Developer Developer Belfast and in OssBarcamp in Dublin, I said I would make the sample code available and here it is. The application presents a simple Twitter application, user can post a twitt, user can follow […]

Hi all I have updated the slides for the monorail presentation as follows (There are 23 slides if you see less it means there is caching somewhere along the lines, get them quickly  here) Comments, questions and typos all welcome so they can be corrected. Cheers