Monorail Sample code – NetTwitt


Hi all:

During the previous two weeks I ve been presenting “An Introduction to Monorail” in Belfast for the  Developer Developer Developer Belfast and in OssBarcamp in Dublin, I said I would make the sample code available and here it is.

The application presents a simple Twitter application, user can post a twitt, user can follow other users.

This sample uses Monorail, Active record, NVelocity and Windsor integration.

The slides are in the previous post, the code its now available from here

Please note, if you go to the trunk you ll see a folder called GettingStartMonoRailAndActiveRecord, a hello world for Monorail (using Brail) and Active Record written by Chorn Sokun, then you can find NetTwitt, the code that I used for the presentation. I believe it was a good idea to put both together, so if you are getting started you have more to look at.

You should simply get the trunk, open one of the solutions, hit F5 and it should run (on Cassini)

If you have any questions or comments please let me know so we cna do something about it





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