Webby – simple websites made simple


My dad asked me to help him do a website, so I started looking at the options, I definitely do not want to maintain this at all I thought.

He said: I just want an info page. 

And I though about Ana Nelson and her recent talk in Ruby Ireland about how to regenerate documentation[update: jsut been to her site and she moved her blog to webby :D], so 15 min ago I was trying webby, and its great, its a framework that does exactly what a framework should do: save you time but does things properly.

From my 15 min experience I can see that Its super easy to use, It generates a web structure quickly,  it’s template based and does loads of smart things for example: 

  • In the css you can define “variables” with, for example, colours ( always thought this was necessary but also I think variables shouldn’t be implemented in the css definition)
  • you can output to other formats ( in my case pdf output is really handy )
  • goodness. Because Webby is a wrapper around rake, you can simply deploy to a site server 

I ll see what else I can use, but I really like it because it allows me to do something I m happy with very quickly and that means that I m actually waiting for my dad to send me the pictures and remaining content so i can deploy this site :p.

Also it gives me room to add some eye candy, I was reading this related post and really liked it too.


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