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So I made the leap the other day and installed RC for Windows 7 and it all seems pretty ok. Of course i had to do the install all I need dance. Making monorail work in this new version of IIS…well I just thought I d blog about it as it didn’t work “out of […]

GWT-Ext Charts


A quick post about Gwt-Ext Charts. Getting charts to work in GWT-Ext can be a little painful. There is 3 things you have to make sure you have: 1  <inherits name=”com.gwtext.Charts”/> in your <YourApp>.gwt.xml 2 the gwtexux.jar file in your classpath, and of course the jar file should be wherever you are pointing to  ;). […]



Quick post about this little board app. Say you are doing agile and you have the board with cards, why do you need the physical board? head to scrumy It s very simple to use and no signup required (love that) Even at a glance I can see I would miss some things, however It could […]

After a very fun DDD Belfast I was debating,whether I should go to Developer Developer Developer Scotland, in the end I did and it was a good decision. I had a great day and a great night talking to other geeks. I got there a bit late, flight+train + walk+ getting lost in the campus, however I […]