Quick post about this little board app. Say you are doing agile and you have the board with cards, why do you need the physical board? head to scrumy It s very simple to use and no signup required (love that)

Even at a glance I can see I would miss some things, however It could prove useful to you.

I got to see this because the masstransit website has a link to their scrumy .

One Response to “Scrumy”

  1. Handy to have it on the web but where I work we perform a standup in the morning (following the stand up recommendations laid out by martin fowler). We perform the standup around a kanban board and it works a gem to be honest.

    I couldnt see the “scrummy” tool being used where I work but its still a great idea. It might be handy to use on an individual basis however.

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