GWT Unit Testing


After some time messing with GWT-Ext

I found a few problems on this front:

– running the test takes too long ( I m writting this post as I wait for the tests to run) , for example to run a test like the one below, takes 10 seconds, and that is after you ran the whole suite, a suite with 23 tests takes aproximately 100 seconds… not great tbh.

Dog dog= new Dog();
int legs= dog.legs.length;
assertEquals(4, legs);
int eyes=dog.eyes.length;
assertEquals(2, eyes);

– A convention that i dont particularly like ( perhaps because I m not familiar with it) is that the test methods must start with test, ok , on the plus side you dont have any attributes lurking around.

Then there is the obvious problem:  you can really only test certain code, ie things like parsing , etc is all grand, however when it comes to testing that certain controls are there , it becomes very cumbersome.

However, i rather have some unit testing than none.

If you have any experience testing GWT-Ext I would really love to hear about it.

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