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Very excited by a very very busy few months ahead: – This wednesday thursday and Friday  Epicenter, In dublin where John Skeet, Craig Murphy (the man behind the DDD events), Barry Dorans, Barry Carr  and many others will be talking, including me 🙂 . Sounds like a busy conference full of choices. Oh yeah! and […]

Just a quick post : If are trying to use Format, in GWT, String.Format  is not supported, instead you should use Format a lot of interesting stuff there, so if you are using GWT-Ext take 5 min of your time and have  a look, you ll end up using it. This is what I m […]

Nvelocity help


Hi there I ll just add this because I saw some people being directed to here when searching for NVelocity docs (no idea why tbh) Anyway here is the link to the Appache documentation for velocity Also of course the castle docs