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If you are trying to use Ninject with MVC, there is an integration available in github if you look at the code there its just 3 clases, but the fact that its been used by much more people than just myself makes me a bit more confortable because I m not terriby familiar […]

Ext Js bits


Just some interesting thing I found on the extjs world. I m only looking at stuff working on ext3.0 In ExtJs the JsonStore has paramNames this Object contains 4 properties { start : ‘start’, // The parameter name which specifies the start row limit : ‘limit’, // The parameter name which specifies number of rows […]

Had a brilliant weekend up North in @barcampderry Met some interesting folks and had a chance to discover a fantastic city and the surrounding area. As promised these is the slide deck for the presentation, I don’t think these are of much use but please feel free to ping me on twitter or as a […]