New/Swiped Development Machine – software musts


I understand the title makes little sense, but this is probably what I would search in a web search engine ( hopefully at the time I ll find my own post) A short, unordered list of things I install when I get a new machine/wipped machine

  • An FTP client Filezilla will do
  • Firefox + Add on: firebug, noscript, colurful tabs,
  • Chrome ( for js intensive stuff it jsut renders faster)
  • ieTester ( run multiple ie versions parallely)
  • ieDebuger
  • Wireshark, comes handy
  • Reflector
  • Resharper
  • Syntax friendly  Notepad ( I use Notepad ++  but not mad about it)
  • Tortoisesvn or Anksvn
  • Tortoise git
  • SVN Monitor
  • Git ( you ll need it at least to download libraries code)
  • foobar2000 music player ( after all you need to block the noise from the outside)
  • Sql Server Management Studio , you ll eventually need it  and if you have profiler you ll probably need it too
  • #Develop is kinda handy too
  • I use Evernote, so I would install that, tho not run it often just because I don’t  like the desktop client much tbh
  • Sumatra PDF (if anyone knows a better one I d appreciate it)
  • Visual Studio
  • Setup IIS

4 Responses to “New/Swiped Development Machine – software musts”

  1. I would have to add:

    Snippet Compiler –
    PowerShell – really useful for exploring the methods and properties of an object, and for build scripts

    I’ve never heard of the IE Debugger before, is it the same as the DebugBar?

  2. 2 Jacob Reimers

    I would add Paint.Net if you ever need screen grabbing and/or image handling.
    For FF addons I would also install FireCookie, MeasureIt, Colorzilla and YSlow.
    My preferred PDF viewer is Foxit, but I think any will do.
    IE8 comes with nice debugging tools, no need for extras.
    What about IM client (Skype and/or GTalk). Finally I like Expresso to help with regular expressions.

  3. 3 roundcrisis

    Hey Jacob:
    Thanks for the comment, Windows 7 comes with a Snipping Tool that does all I want from a screen grabbing perspective. As for PDF reader, have a look at sumatra, its even lighter weight than Foxit ( Foxit lately is kinda full of weird stuff)

    Hey Andy:
    Thanks for the comment.
    The snippet compiler, handy 🙂 , I ll have a look, as for the IeDebuger you are rigth it is the DebugBar, wires got crossed sorry.

  4. LINQPad has replaced SnippetCompiler for me – it’s absolutely fantastic – dont forget the tutorials on dimecasts for advanced features

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