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I think the best way to describe this is saying, When is the next one? (We think around late August, early September) Thanks again to our sponsors: Jetbrains, Manning and Microsoft, and particularly to our hosts: the open source Lab in UCD, that place is just designed for this type of events. Sessions: – Rx […]

Fluentmigrator is a really nice migration tool that allows you to tear your database up and down keeping version, please visit the project page for more info. Anyway, the other day I had to create a composite index, and I didnt know how, ┬áthe way to do that is: Create.Index(“Name_of_the_index_String”).OnTable(“Name_of_the_Table_String”) .OnColumn(“Column_Name_string”).Ascending() .OnColumn(“Other_Column_Name_string”).Ascending(); Looks kinda obvious […]