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In the Book Club, we are reading 7 Languages in 7 Weeks (for more info on the book club go to Dublin Alt.Net mailing list) so far a really awesome book, Its helping me have a quick view of not only different languages, but also different programing paradigms. Which is really refreshing, but hard. The […]

I was invited to give a talk on Open Source in DIT to a group of students. Link to slides However here some interesting links: 35 years of Open Source The Open Source Initiative List of Open Source Licenses and more here Reddit’s Open Source

I heard about this new web framework the other day, the code its available on github/jacksonh/manos the main interesting thing I heard about it were: runs on Mono Has its own server Has no dependecies on the main goal of mono is to simplify web application development routing appears to be simpler ( to […]