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CQRS with Event Sourcing Looking at CQRS and Event Sourcing as Architectural patterns, when we use them together the impact of that is widespread. For a start, your aggregates should only be exposing behaviour, and that behaviour is related to the commands that use that aggregate root, actually, the entry point to doing anything in […]

I m preparing for a talk on CQRS and I though I’d support it with a series of posts on the subject. I’d love to get some feedback on this and all the following blog posts. (where I ll be possibly correcting stuff i say here, I can’t promise) So, I decided to start at […]

StoryQ Review


We are evaluating BDD frameworks at the moment and I m going through StoryQ. Note: Internal DSL for BDD, for me this means I can discover a lot by just following the API (ie its got a nice fluent API) The Code for adding a story is very simple (example below) Readable and nicely formatted […]