StoryQ Review


We are evaluating BDD frameworks at the moment and I m going through StoryQ.


  • Internal DSL for BDD, for me this means I can discover a lot by just following the API (ie its got a nice fluent API)
  • The Code for adding a story is very simple (example below)
  • Readable and nicely formatted report output
  • Supports Nunit, xUnit and MSTests
  • if using xUNit there is no support for incomplete tests ( ie if you are using CI it will break the build) UPDATE: there is a way since xUnit 1.7
  • Also you need to override the settings with your own exception builder.
  • I had one of those Doh! moments because I setup the story and the scenario with the Given().When().Then() and then I called the Execute method, that was not going to work… 😦
  • Can report in various format, the report shows up on resharper or in an more html way.
  • There is a wpf app that converts gherkin and it generates the StoryQ test.( couldn’t try because the app failed, I think it s because of a dodgy build I have but will find out and report later)
  • Seems to support well the idea of many scenarios per story within the same file, which is cool.
  • Good to keep in mind not to use underscores in method names Link

So far so good, if there is anything else noteworthy I ll update.


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