DDDScotland… next weekend 7th Of May.


DDD Scotland is happening next weekend, I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also very happy my talk got selected, thanks everyone that voted for it.  The agenda is very interesting here are my picks:

Starting at 9:30AM and If you are not interested in CQRS/ES,  there is two talks that sound interesting: Streams of Streams – Your Rx Prescription, by Ray Booysen and Chris Canal ‘s Monodroid Introduction, I could really use seeing a talk on this as I ve been playing around with it lately. Conferences are really those times when you wish time could effectively go backwards, damn causality… (look here if you want vaguely related lolz)

Later on Decision time again, there are two talks that I would be interested to see: Asymptotics and Algorithms – What You’ve Forgotten Since University by Gary Short. I m not going to lie, I had to look up what Asymptotics meant Confused smile . The talk is about calculating the efficiency of an algorithm, something we tend to leave to the framework these days.. but we probably should know about. The other talk I m interested in is Barry Carr’s  Caliburn Micro talk, it seems like that framework has packed some very interesting ideas, I only heard some of them  after listening to that Herding Code podcast with Rob Eisenberg.

The talk about scalable web  with Asp.Net sounds interesting too .

At 12:00 there is a talk that I need to go see, that’s Seb Rose’s talk on unit testing, reasons being: first, because its about unit testing, but the Skeleton reference I like too, the fact that he contributed some of the 97 things every programmer should know(or architect, cant remember which  one) .  Another talk that interests me but I wont get to is BDD with F# By Phillip Trelford

After lunch there are three really interesting sessions that I’d like to see:

  • Seb Lambla’s “Building composite applications with Open frameworks” from a very quick glance at the video available in Channel 9, it looks like a talk about using OpenWrap, and how to integrate it to your workflow, and that’s something worth watching.
  • “SpecFlow – functional testing made easy” by Paul Stack, would like to see how it compares to StoryQ…
  • “The dark parts of Mono” by Toby Henderson, interesting cause I ve been meaning to see this for a while.
  • If I was into Silverlight at all, the talk to not miss would be Daniel May talk on Silverlight Unit Testing “Real World SLUT (Silverlight Unit Testing)”

The last sessions of the day are also pretty interesting, I think the one I ll end up in would be: “How to build a framework, and why you almost never should.” by Richard Dalton , a last minute change could see me going to : “Rewriting software is the single worst mistake you can make – apparently.” tho what puts me off this is a probably wrong, and its the fact that is a story of migrating to VB.Net, a language that I honestly can’t understand why still exists or why does Microsoft funds, but leaving that aside sounds like a story worth listening to.

See you there

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