Starting out with XNA? some handy links


XNA is the SDK from Microsoft for game development.

  • XNA getting started tutorial. Well organized, paced  series of  XNA tutorials by a guy that teaches this. If you know nothing this is pretty good.
  • Xna workshop. Some posts and links to learn XNA Is kinda handy to see other people’s questions
  • Riemers XNA Tutorials. I think this is a link you want to keep, every time I search for something XNA related I get a post from this guy
  • 2D Camera with parallax scrolling. Does what it said on the tin, very comprehensive article that also links to other interesting articles.
  • Mono game. The good news is that there is a port 😀 … “MonoGame is an open source implementation of the XNA APIs that allows developers to build 2D games that run on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux and Windows using the same code base, or reusing existing XNA code that runs on Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 7”
I ve been reading Learning XNA 4.0 its pretty good so far, well written and easy to follow tho with enough detail.
If you know of other good details, please comment 😀

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