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So I was at DDD South west last saturday presenting Raven DB: day to day. The day flew by with great presentations. I got to see: Performance and Scalability, the Stack Exchange way by Marc Gravell . I have to admit I didn’t expect that much SQL on the presentation but interesting nonetheless, would really like […]

Just a small post to let you know. I’ll be speaking in two conferences this month.   The 26th of May at DDD South West. The topic is Raven DB Day to Day Closely followed by an Introduction to Raven DB in (London) the 31st of May   If there is a particular topic […]

Cameras are cool, so lets keep at it and try a spring camera, i.e. one that follows you around. The initial aspect of the camera and how to use it is on the previous post on cameras, so I ll let you go and have a look there. The spring camera is very similar to […]