Raven DB: Day to day at #DDDSW


So I was at DDD South west last saturday presenting Raven DB: day to day.

The day flew by with great presentations. I got to see:

  • Performance and Scalability, the Stack Exchange way by Marc Gravell . I have to admit I didn’t expect that much SQL on the presentation but interesting nonetheless, would really like to hear him talk more about how they use Redis and SQL together more. Also when he started talking about serialization we ran out of time 😦 There was a lot of questions and Marc did a great job at answering them.
  • StyleCop – Breaking down the barriers to entry by Gary Park . Really well presented, and a few interesting details about team city and other extensions.
  • Raven DB: day to day, by me 😀  I m probably the worse person to judge how this went, from my side of things, I heard you guys laugh and ask questions, in my books, that is pretty ok. Feedback from people always great ( Phil Thanks for yours already)
  • During lunch I wanted to go to the grok talks however I ended up catching some sun and a really interesting chat with Matt (he contributes to RavenDB , trying to convince the man he should really write some posts about facets )
  • WebSockets and SignalR – Building the real-time, multi-user interactive web by Chris Alcock. I haven’t played yet with SignalR yet so it was good to see this, I kinda knew what to expect tho. Well presented
  • NoSql Document Databases: Why would you want to use one? by Ian Russell, Great intro to NoSQL, really liked Ian relaxed approach to questions. Great session

Just in case anyone is interested, my slides for the talk. Thanks to all attendees and organizers for a great weekend


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