Reading Diary: Real World Functional Programming– Day 2


A reading diary is my way to discuss with myself what I think about the book as I read it. It probably has errors of different kinds.

Some notes on the remaining of Chapter 1

  • F# intro, how its mostly functional but supports some OO features
  • How C# incorporates functional ideas.
  • Reading about declarative programming, these made no sense
    • Definition of declarative programming style. Logic without the details… mmm ok lets see how this goes
    • Functional means not only we can add new commands but also new structures
  • Code, finally a code example came about and it was all cleared up
  • Concurrency friendly application design, I was expecting the how but I got a birds eye. Patience
  • The section on how functional style shapes your code is cool, as it details how your code will (hopefully) slowly change. It highlights
    • the fact that OO design is still useful,
    • it helps simplifying some patterns
    • make the code more readable (this I m not so sure about, I’ve read code from people who started learning functional programming and on my view the code was less readable and harder to follow, particularly on tests)
  • Section 1.4 is all example based. Not mad about the fact they used WPF for one of them(not a fan), but no biggie, it gets the point across anyway . The author obviously wanted the reader to understand what declarative and imperative means and understand the difference
  • I can start to see how this style of programming could be really beneficial
  • Got as far as the recursion samples with C# (2.2.3)


That’s all for today. It’s been hard to find time to read up on this.

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