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We are meeting for the first time for the Book club and just to get the ball rolling on this I though I’d write up a mini summary of chapter 1 on The Art of  Unit Testing before the meeting as a way to explore the concepts and then another one after if necesary. So […]

Very excited by a very very busy few months ahead: – This wednesday thursday and Friday  Epicenter, In dublin where John Skeet, Craig Murphy (the man behind the DDD events), Barry Dorans, Barry Carr  and many others will be talking, including me 🙂 . Sounds like a busy conference full of choices. Oh yeah! and […]

The past 18th of June we had a meetup. This month’s meetup topic was Behaviour Driven Development presented by Claudio Perrone and Andre . It was an overview of the topic and how does it work as well as some examples with cucumber , Andre is a QA Professional and himself and Claudio demonstrated how […]

Hi there:  As a new chapter of this post finally we are doing an meet up, I can t wait and hope for the best.  The meet up will be the 12Th of February at 7pm in The Duke (off Grafton Street). Unfortunately we didn’t realise it was on the same day that twestival ( […]

Hi This should be pretty exciting, I m hoping to do a talk in OSSBarcamp ( well not really a talk but  you know) and depending on votes, I might be talking in DDD Ireland too, we will see. The talk will be on Castle Project, a walk through of a sample application, the main […] Ireland


hi We met with some folks in the open coffee recently. It was really nice to have a good turn out and a lot of new faces. I had in mind to talk about Alt.Net and I think one thing that is clear now is that we need to come up with a clear to do, […]

This idea has been in my head for a while now, I’m sure all developers get here at some point where you want to move forward but not terribly sure how to get there, how to get better, how to write elegant maintainable code that you are proud of.For me it all started when I […]