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Hi : Recently a group of us (tho mostly Pablo Nuñez ) translated the article from Udi Dahan Clarifying CQRS. Here is the link to it, if you feel that it can be improved please just leave a comment here and I can add you to the document with edit rights. Some terms where hard […]

Say we are not concerned with the query side of things (because we have an autonomous query service that need not know about your aggregate roots). With that in mind, in which cases do we need to know about the aggregate root private data? I can think of one case – when checking for duplication. […]

This post belongs to a series of posts on CQRS/ES Part 1 – introductory terms and overview Part 2 – Event sourcing and information about commands So, we are moving on. I thought I’d put these two topics close, it seems to me  that they are related, I ve been using BDD to test this […]

CQRS with Event Sourcing Looking at CQRS and Event Sourcing as Architectural patterns, when we use them together the impact of that is widespread. For a start, your aggregates should only be exposing behaviour, and that behaviour is related to the commands that use that aggregate root, actually, the entry point to doing anything in […]

I m preparing for a talk on CQRS and I though I’d support it with a series of posts on the subject. I’d love to get some feedback on this and all the following blog posts. (where I ll be possibly correcting stuff i say here, I can’t promise) So, I decided to start at […]