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So this seems to be turning into a series of some sort… What happens if instead of using synchronization with reset events, we use one of the new concurrent collections? Lets find out. Implementation with Concurrent Queue So, while I was trying to implement the double buffer (previous post available here) I started thinking about […]

A game running at 60FPS needs to render every 16 milliseconds, meaning that all the logic for collision detection, animation, obstacle avoidance, physics, etc. must happen in that very short time. You also need to prepare for rendering and then send the instructions to the GPU. Multithreading seems like a most reasonable option if you […]

As you might or might not know, I am one of the founders of BatCat Games, the important word about that sentence is games. The fact that we make games put a series of differences into our production that doesn’t generally affect non game software development cycles. For a start art and animation are key […]

I needed a psd content processor and found one here it is based on the EndoEngine. The one available depended on XNA 3.1,  I did some clean up on the project and made it available via my account on github. We (at BatCat Games) are working on a Content hot loader that will be available […]

This is not a big one but it’s good to know. I was spiking a little thing in a new XNA 4.0 game project and then attempting to include a png into the content folder, the file was there, I could see it (using show all files menu) but when using the context menu “Include […]

This a very simple walk through to use Mercury on a Windows Phone 7 project. Get the binaries As far as I can see, Mercury supports Windows Phone 7 only in version 4.0, if you go to the project page you wont find this on downloads, as it’s not yet released. So, you have to get the […]

What is a camera? Intuitively we know what a camera is:  simply a way to show the action. A Camera allows us to deal with the display of the action in a detached way from the action. Implementation I like to start with what we are trying to achieve. For the purposes of this post, […]