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So… I had to set up a GXT development environment for myself from scratch, so I thought I d share the experience. Getting the JDK was painfull I ll spare you the rant, however I will say that Sun requires that you are registered to download the JDK, after a email like the one below: […]

There seems to be some sort of problem when you have to add a FormPanel to a Panel in GWT-Ext 2.0.6. As a workaround you can simply use a Panel and set the layout to FormLayout. Hope it helps

After some time messing with GWT-Ext I found a few problems on this front: – running the test takes too long ( I m writting this post as I wait for the tests to run) , for example to run a test like the one below, takes 10 seconds, and that is after you ran […]

This is a simple example on how to make a ComboBox in Gwt-Ext to populate with XML. HttpProxy proxy = new HttpProxy(“xml/combo_data.xml”, Connection.GET); final RecordDef recordDef = new RecordDef(new FieldDef[] { new StringFieldDef(“id”), new StringFieldDef(“value”) }); XmlReader reader = new XmlReader(“comboitem”, recordDef); final Store store = new Store(proxy, reader); ComboBox combo = new ComboBox(); combo.setLabel(“Combo […]

GWT-Ext Charts


A quick post about Gwt-Ext Charts. Getting charts to work in GWT-Ext can be a little painful. There is 3 things you have to make sure you have: 1  <inherits name=”com.gwtext.Charts”/> in your <YourApp>.gwt.xml 2 the gwtexux.jar file in your classpath, and of course the jar file should be wherever you are pointing to  ;). […]

Today I’m trying out Ext GWT To use Ext GWT Installation was simple ( i needed the java sdk i got 1.6Update 7 ) downloaded GWT1.5.1 and decompressed it. happy days! then i ran the sample hello and I was running, really fast [if you have problems with some error that ends with and then […]