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I really like this UI.jQuery.comWill post more later… Advertisements

John Resig just posted some talks he gave and they are so easy to understand that it hurts. I really like the jQuery syntax, ok is a different approach to a JS library than ExtJs, and I like it, unobtrusive and lightweight with loads of plug ins available. I really like this grid (ok ok […]

hi again OK i just found this out last Monday and it was there all along i just never paid attention to it and found it extremely handy.This there is a lot of JS introduction and also good to read about the component model just though i d blog about it cause It […]

Today’s interesting find is Browser Plus I heard about this first a few months ago but there was not much real info about it.I have to say i was really impressed by the installer short, sweet and very intuitive.Also the capabilities that it provides seem simple but powerful, i m very interested in the Ruby […]