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Mono for android or Xamarin.Android little tips: If you turn on GPU emulation, sometimes GPU emulation doesn’t actually start, it downgrades to software rendering, this makes the emulator slower and it doesn’t actually uses OpenGL(if you are using monogame, this means your game would probably not work). If you are looking for a grid like […]

A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and bought Mono for Android. I also decided to update to all devices to Ice Cream Sandwich as the UI is just so much better. Should have done that ages ago, but I was just afraid Kies would brick my phone again. Anyway, the new features that […]

I’ve been playing with mono for android the last few days. I have also tried it about 2 years ago. It was a good tool then, and it got much much better. Getting started is pretty simple, you download the installer, install. It will install all prerequisites for you on your machine. Allegedly this failed […]