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Hi there I ll just add this because I saw some people being directed to here when searching for NVelocity docs (no idea why tbh) Anyway here is the link to the Appache documentation for velocity Also of course the castle docs Advertisements

Hi all I have updated the slides for the monorail presentation as follows (There are 23 slides if you see less it means there is caching somewhere along the lines, get them quickly  here) Comments, questions and typos all welcome so they can be corrected. Cheers

A quick one  Say you have an image or god knows what and  you need to add a link to it, in html you ll do something like <a href=””&gt; <img src=”…” /> </a> in a view you can do this <a href=$UrlHelper.For(“%{ controller=’product’}”)>     <img src=”$!Image.Path” alt=”$!Name” /> </a>

NVelocity Parse


A little thing that drove me completely insane when using parse (appache ref) the path to the view includes the folder that you are in say you are in the folder …/views/Blogediting a view called one.vmif you want to parse something in the same folder as one.vm you have to use #parse(“Blog/two.vm”)and if you happen […]

I always forget these two: $Url.Link(‘label’, “%{controller=’controllerName’,action=’actionName’}”) and this: To Create a form $Form.FormTag(“%{id= ‘formId’, action=’save’, immediate = ‘true’}”)$Form.EndFormTag I really wished there was a MR RC4 😀