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So today i was reading an article by Ben Hall onĀ Getting Started With IronRuby And RSpec, Part 1 after I read a few paragraphs I twitted that there were “ many things in this article that I disagreed with” Ben listened and … asked me why. I actually disagreed about some sentences that talk about […]

Ruby Jobs live!


Hi all just though I’ d advertise the fact that is live. I m really happy with this, Its great to see the community releasing things. Ok its very basic but I think is a really good start. Most of the effort came from Gavin Joyce, but Declan and other people (that I cant […]

IOTC Conference


Last Thursday and Friday I was at the IOTC, an Open Source Conference. I went to a few talks 1) Saw Geoffrey Grosenbach talking about Phusion Passenger. The talk target was a bit too wide, however i think he was good at explaining some of the basics. It would have been good to see some […]