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Mono for android or Xamarin.Android little tips: If you turn on GPU emulation, sometimes GPU emulation doesn’t actually start, it downgrades to software rendering, this makes the emulator slower and it doesn’t actually uses OpenGL(if you are using monogame, this means your game would probably not work). If you are looking for a grid like […]

Hi : Recently a group of us (tho mostly Pablo Nuñez ) translated the article from Udi Dahan Clarifying CQRS. Here is the link to it, if you feel that it can be improved please just leave a comment here and I can add you to the document with edit rights. Some terms where hard […] at the source code for this, is it clean or what?took me little time to get something up and running in a real nice wayThis is a sufficient reason to love jQuery and whoever it is wrote this 🙂 Cheers