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As you might or might not know, I am one of the founders of BatCat Games, the important word about that sentence is games. The fact that we make games put a series of differences into our production that doesn’t generally affect non game software development cycles. For a start art and animation are key […]

So, after the last post, where I introduced Directory truncator, I present you some extra work I have just committed. My plans for it from the previous post where Logging and or console output so you know what happened, I couldn’t so far decide on what is the best approach or if I want to […]

Cameras are cool, so lets keep at it and try a spring camera, i.e. one that follows you around. The initial aspect of the camera and how to use it is on the previous post on cameras, so I ll let you go and have a look there. The spring camera is very similar to […]

I got a Windows Phone 7 to play with for a while and these are some notes about the experiment.  I just did a tick-tac-toe based on this blog post changed a few things tho (like the use of extension method for checking for wining and replaced by bit shifting 😀 ), but I wanted to […]

So a few Scientists and a few developers met last Wednesday. It was hard to know where we were going to end and thanks so much to everyone that participated. The following is a summary of the tips we (scientist + developers) thought was a good idea Tips for scientists writing code (1st Round): Talk […]

XNA is the SDK from Microsoft for game development. XNA getting started tutorial. Well organized, paced  series of  XNA tutorials by a guy that teaches this. If you know nothing this is pretty good. Xna workshop. Some posts and links to learn XNA Is kinda handy to see other people’s questions Riemers XNA Tutorials. I […]

In the last few years the tooling available to .net developers for unit testing in general has matured, these are some of the tools  that I either used or heard of : Continuous Integration: Team City: I use it and really like it, simple to set up and use, if you want to try it […]