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As you might or might not know, I am one of the founders of BatCat Games, the important word about that sentence is games. The fact that we make games put a series of differences into our production that doesn’t generally affect non game software development cycles. For a start art and animation are key […]

StoryQ Review


We are evaluating BDD frameworks at the moment and I m going through StoryQ. Note: Internal DSL for BDD, for me this means I can discover a lot by just following the API (ie its got a nice fluent API) The Code for adding a story is very simple (example below) Readable and nicely formatted […]

I heard about this new web framework the other day, the code its available on github/jacksonh/manos the main interesting thing I heard about it were: runs on Mono Has its own server Has no dependecies on the main goal of mono is to simplify web application development routing appears to be simpler ( to […]

The Art of Unit Testing (by Roy Osherove) First Meetup Its amazing how much you can talk about just one chapter, ok we diverged at some point to related topics, we dreamed about our own Open Source project, again. Anyway, these are my thoughs about the first chapter, after the meeting Integration testing and unit […]

We are meeting for the first time for the Book club and just to get the ball rolling on this I though I’d write up a mini summary of chapter 1 on The Art of  Unit Testing before the meeting as a way to explore the concepts and then another one after if necesary. So […]