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I heard about this new web framework the other day, the code its available on github/jacksonh/manos the main interesting thing I heard about it were: runs on Mono Has its own server Has no dependecies on the main goal of mono is to simplify web application development routing appears to be simpler ( to […]

My dad asked me to help him do a website, so I started looking at the options, I definitely do not want to maintain this at all I thought. He said: I just want an info page.  And I though about Ana Nelson and her recent talk in Ruby Ireland about how to regenerate documentation[update: […]

Two New tools


In web development, you come across tools all the time, some are incredible and I was lucky enough to find two today. Firescope is a firebug plugin that gives you HTML and css help. its really neat it looks like this in your firebug (note to my friend: note the lower case logo!! hehehe)   […]