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As you might or might not know, I am one of the founders of BatCat Games, the important word about that sentence is games. The fact that we make games put a series of differences into our production that doesn’t generally affect non game software development cycles. For a start art and animation are key […]

This is not a big one but it’s good to know. I was spiking a little thing in a new XNA 4.0 game project and then attempting to include a png into the content folder, the file was there, I could see it (using show all files menu) but when using the context menu “Include […]

This a very simple walk through to use Mercury on a Windows Phone 7 project. Get the binaries As far as I can see, Mercury supports Windows Phone 7 only in version 4.0, if you go to the project page you wont find this on downloads, as it’s not yet released. So, you have to get the […]

What is a camera? Intuitively we know what a camera is:  simply a way to show the action. A Camera allows us to deal with the display of the action in a detached way from the action. Implementation I like to start with what we are trying to achieve. For the purposes of this post, […]

I got a Windows Phone 7 to play with for a while and these are some notes about the experiment.  I just did a tick-tac-toe based on this blog post changed a few things tho (like the use of extension method for checking for wining and replaced by bit shifting 😀 ), but I wanted to […]